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Making sense, sensing space: an inter-sensory walk & workshop

On Monday November 9th, Responsive Ecologies Lab (RE/Lab) RA Melanie McBride will facilitate an inter-sensory talk and walk focused on the urban ambiances and ecologies in and around the RE/Lab with special guest Dr Milena Droumeva of Simon Fraser University. Drawing…

Testing the newly printed AAC pad

We printed out a cloth cover for the for Ontario Accessibility Innovation Showcase #OntarioAIS. I got to finally test it out, and it works!

Kamran’s prepping our AAC device for #OntarioAIS

Kamran’s (@KamranWeb) grinding down some plexiglass to fit in the electronics for the RE/Lab’s new alternative and augmented communication (AAC) project. We started with the design Morse2Go developed and have been trying to make a more compact single unit that…

Accessibility Innovation Showcase

This summer, RE/Lab RAs (funded by Ryerson’s OVPRI) have been working on five projects to present at the ParaPanAm Games’ Accessibility Innovation Showcase. Hope to see you there.