Aroma Lab

Faculty of Education students from Urawa University, Japan, taking part in an Aroma Lab activity led by Dr. Melanie McBride.

The Aroma Inquiry Lab is an informal learning and research environment for studying the selection and use of varied aromatic materials materials for learning, communication and interaction. Departing from dominant ‘sensory’ and ‘olfactory’ paradigms, our research is focused on understanding the affordances of new materials and modalities from inside-out, rather than relating with their purely hedonic, affective or symbolic ‘meaning’ or ‘effects.’ Our research projects have explored domains of aromatic practice from natural perfumery and cultural mediation to early childhood learning and wine education. This approach extends many of the theoretical and methodological approaches that inform the Responsive Ecologies Lab overall.

The Aroma Lab is home to a large collection of raw aromatic materials in various forms.

The Aroma Inquiry Lab is the only one of its kind in Canada that is specifically focused focused on the selection and use of aroamtic materials for learning, making, and tangible interaction across varied disciplines and domains of practice.